“En Cocotte” by Morten Bech Køster & Co

Pheasant en cocotte
2 pheasants
200 grams cleaned / brushed chanterelles
1 shallot – finely chopped
½ bunch of chives – finely chopped
8 pieces of vine leaf marinated in olive oil.
½ liters Chicken Stock (use . Cube )

1 egg
100 g flour
100 g pankorasp
1 pcs. deep

Cut the thigh from the pheasant – thighs cooked in chicken stock (or use . An eco knorr cube) for the complete tender – and you can tinker skin & bones from easy! pick the meat finely , chop it lightly with a knife and add a little mustard , salt & pepper – and a little butter . Roll / roll them into 4 small balls and place them about an hour in the fridge .
roll them in flour, egg , pankorasp & sauté until golden in the fryer (or a small pot with soy oil)
Save the chicken from cooking –

Cut half of the back from brown pheasants on the hull oil , cover them with vine leaves , add a little garlic – thyme sprigs and roast them in the oven (still in pan ) approx. 20min .
Take them up and cut the breast from the hull , in the same pan add the chicken from the cooking of the thigh – the cooked thoroughly to an easy glace sauce, sieved and tilsmages with salt & pepper.

rose chanterelles in a little oil , season with salt and pepper , sprinkle with shallots and chives and poured over pheasant breasts – served with such . fried potatoes ………. & The little fried crouqetter of the thighs “on the side”

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