Football match 17/11-2015

Tuesday 17/11-2015 dinner before the football match in Parken, book your seats at No1 Domus Portus,
in Østbanegade 103, just off North Harbour station, after a delicious quick 3 course menu we provide a taxi to the corner of Århusgade where waiters are waiting with a pint of Beer,  for the walk from Århusgade of Østerbrogade to the park …. Book seats NOW !!
[email protected] / tel. 35264201 / price kr.425, Menu & taxi!


Østbanegade 103 – No1 Domus Portus

Casual Menu kr.300,-

At No1 Aarhusgade – we offer “CASUAL MENU” All inclusive 300 kr –
Wine Menu – Cheese & Coffee … .
every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – kl.18,00-22,00

3 course menu + 2 glasses of wine – cheese & coffee for 300 kr
the menu changes regularly – but we will of course respect and
offer Allergies & vegetarians the same menu
( just as long as we´ve been informed in advance )

BOOK – online and do not miss Køster´s “Casual  Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays”

Ps. There can of course be ordered more wine from our wine list
which just has been updatet for the purpose of autumn & winter …

Kind regards Morten Køster & Louise Borgstrøm

I just cook what ever I feel like……..

No1 in Aarhusgade, turns 15 years. And as a real difficult teenager celebrating restaurateur Morten Køster cutoff with ‘does what he wants’. This means a new menu that reflects all the dishes that he wants to eat when he goes out. 

Where’s No. 1 over the years has had more or less of gourmet level in the form of commodity combinations newest cooking methods and a grain of current trends, Morten Køster – restaurateur in 15 years – draws a line in the sand and serves up a menu to 100% consists of the chef’s own favorite foods. 

“A restaurant and a leader develops over the years, and where He, as a young started out with an ambition to show the world what you can, is that after a number of years, something else that draws” Morten Køster and continues: 

“For me it has meant that I often feel like eating out in the same places. I often order the same dishes. I love the quality and craftsmanship, and dishes that just works. Well, there may well be a dispute of deconstruction, granules and hubbub, but I also really enjoy getting a good Cote de Boeuf a lobster club sandwich, or a well-prepared turbot – perhaps more than the surprise of seafood cooked on spruce or roasted leek for that matter, “says Morten Køster. 

Therefore takes Morten a period of ‘teenage rebellion’, where all the dishes on No. 1’s menu just to live up to the criterion ‘about Morten Køster even want to eat right when he’s free.’

“New Bar” at No1

try the new bar – fresh coffee or a “Gin Tonic” made with cucumber…..!!