I just cook what ever I feel like……..

No1 in Aarhusgade, turns 15 years. And as a real difficult teenager celebrating restaurateur Morten Køster cutoff with ‘does what he wants’. This means a new menu that reflects all the dishes that he wants to eat when he goes out. 

Where’s No. 1 over the years has had more or less of gourmet level in the form of commodity combinations newest cooking methods and a grain of current trends, Morten Køster – restaurateur in 15 years – draws a line in the sand and serves up a menu to 100% consists of the chef’s own favorite foods. 

“A restaurant and a leader develops over the years, and where He, as a young started out with an ambition to show the world what you can, is that after a number of years, something else that draws” Morten Køster and continues: 

“For me it has meant that I often feel like eating out in the same places. I often order the same dishes. I love the quality and craftsmanship, and dishes that just works. Well, there may well be a dispute of deconstruction, granules and hubbub, but I also really enjoy getting a good Cote de Boeuf a lobster club sandwich, or a well-prepared turbot – perhaps more than the surprise of seafood cooked on spruce or roasted leek for that matter, “says Morten Køster. 

Therefore takes Morten a period of ‘teenage rebellion’, where all the dishes on No. 1’s menu just to live up to the criterion ‘about Morten Køster even want to eat right when he’s free.’

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